Sustainable Ag Marketing: Four Resources on Engaging Food Bloggers

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Engaging food bloggers to write about your products, services, farm and market, has become a cost effective and efficient marketing tool to create an online presence without having to become a blogger, or web master, yourself.

produce businessThink about those anonymous restaurant reviews in your local newspaper. How much more influential are they than even a paid ad talking about your operation. The only difference is that a blog’s readership likely reaches well beyond your locale, and with a very targeted and interested (i.e. engaged) audience, it can be very effective in influencing consumers, lots and lots of consumers. The topic has popped up in several venues over the past few months. Here are a few that I’ve run across:

  • It was the cover article in the Oct 2011 Produce Business magazine;
  • I talked about it at the 2012 Atlantic Coastal Ag Conference in January. My comments are summarized in the Proceedings, which I’ve copied below;
  • We were honored to have a guest food blogger, Katie Parla, join us in AC and she posted her own thoughts on her Parla Food blog;
  • and just today, produce marketing consultant Heidi McIntyre, summarized a session that she moderated at the Southeast Produce Council’s 2012 Annual Conference on her blog Adventures in Produce.

Savvy marketing is the key to success in the world of small business, including farming. Making friends with some bloggers covering the food (and farming and tourism too) scene in NJ may open a world of possibilities.

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