Roller Crimper Tips for NJ Growers

Roller Crimper in Action

A Roller Crimper in Action

Roller Crimpers offer superior benefits with reduced inputs to vegetable growers who use them along with herbicides, producing better quality main season crops such as pumpkin, winter squash, and processing tomato.

The dense cover crop mat acts as a contact barrier between fruit and soil, minimizing fruit defects and splash disseminated diseases that affect marketing. We share lessons learned during our four years of experience using the roller crimper. Armed with this knowledge, decide if Roller Crimper use fits into your operation.

Weeds overtake no-till butternut squash planted after using roller crimper

Failed Weed Control: Butternut Squash on Rolled Rye

Key Points about Roller Crimper Use

    • Success Depends on a Dense Mat“Grow it Like a Crop”
    • Roller Crimper No-Till in Practice:
      • Best Results Seen with Herbicides
      • NOT for use with Early Crops

Roller Crimper Retro

Six Things Your Mother Never Warned You About When Using Roller Crimpers

Roller Crimper tips, tricks, and traps from four years of experiences in our fields to help you avoid costly mistakes and enjoy success on your farm.

Download the grower troubleshooting guide.


Roller Crimper No-Till Processing Tomato Production

We get some surprising results when we put roller crimper no-till up against bare ground processing tomato production.

The competitive yields and high fruit quality seen with roller crimper no-till are also finding use in NJ pumpkin and winter squash fields.

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The South Jersey RC & clip_image002D has Roller Crimpers available to NJ Growers on a loan-out basis.

Contact them for details @ 609-267-7410


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