Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension Agritourism Resources

  • Conferences & Seminars
    • 2015 Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention [pdf]
      Risk Management in On-Farm Direct Marketing – Jan 29 – Crystal Room
      9:00 Direct Marketing – Is It Right For You, Doing a Self Assessment
      Stephen Komar, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
      9:30 Selecting and Training Employees to Improve Safety for Direct Marketing
      Michelle Infante-Casella, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
      10:00 Assessing Farm Safety When Inviting the Public on Your Property
      William Bamka, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
      10:45 Right To Farm, Deed of Easement and Other Regulations that Impact Direct Marketing
      Brian Schilling, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
      11:30 Food Aspects for Direct Marketing
      Meredith Melendez, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
    • 2013 Agritourism Risk Management Workshop [pdf]
    • 2012 Atlantic Coast Agricultural Convention and Trade Show [Agritourism session]
    • 2012 New Jersey Agritourism Conference  [pdf]

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Time to get in Cover Crop

To say it’s been a tough year for farmers, would be an understatement. The 2011 growing season has been marked by heavy rains, high winds, flooding, and extreme heat. Rob Shortell, former Rutgers grad student and now Assistant Professor at Cal Poly, got it right when he said,

farming is about the details… “it’s the weather, the timing, the attentiveness to details.”

And right now we’ve got a small window of opportunity to get in cover crops. There are only about 7 NJ fall seeding days for ideal establishment.

At RAREC, we had a perfect day on Thursday, September 22, and planted …
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