Farmer Agritourism Resources:
Right to Farm & Agricultural Management Practices

New Jersey’s Right to Farm Act aims to reduce the loss of agricultural resources by limiting the circumstances under which agricultural operations may be the subject of nuisance suits and ordinances. Legally speaking, “a nuisance is a substantial interference with the right to use and enjoy land, which may be intentional, negligent or ultrahazardous in origin, and must be a result of defendant’s activity.” While recognizing the fact that there is a need to provide proper balance among conflicting interests of all lawful activities in NJ, the general intent of the act was to aid commercial farm operations. [Read more…]

Ag Planner, Policy-Maker Resources:
A Lifeline for Working Farms & Their Communities

It’s well established that working farms serve the public good as they are: beneficial to human health & well-being; an important component of sustainable communities; integral to conservation of natural resources & habitat; and factors in economic development & prosperity. Agritourism is a tool useful in the preservation of working farms and farmers.
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