Assessing Farm Equipment Efficiency

equipment effciency baner
Electric motor costs account for a large part of a farm’s monthly energy bill. If motors are not properly matched to the intended load, energy and money is wasted. Motor efficiency deteriorates over time, which also adds to energy and profit losses. Whether equipment is well worn, purchased used, or new, learning how to assess equipment efficiency and energy use is worthwhile. Assessment is best done on an annual basis to make sure your operation’s costs remain as low as possible. [Read more…]

Farm Calls: Sweet Corn Varieties & Postharvest Capability

Recently, a sweet corn grower considering new marketing opportunities asked:

“I don’t farm enough sweet corn acreage to support a hydro cooler or package icing equipment for rapid field heat removal at harvest. 
With less than ideal postharvest handling cooling equipment, which varieties should I consider growing if I want to maximize both marketable shelf life and eating quality in order to win repeat sales from direct market and wholesale customers?”

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