Farmland Retention Techniques Currently in Use

Regulatory Techniques Incentive-based Techniques Participatory Techniques Hybrid
Agricultural Protection zoning Impact fees, exactions, and mitigation ordinances Fee-simple purchase or negotiated sale Eminent domain with right of first refusal (ROFR)
Cluster zoning Mortgage assistance Eminent domain Pension plan with purchase of development rights (PDR)
Right to farm laws Recapture of rollback penalty Land Banks Transfer of Development rights (TDR) with protection zoning
Urban growth boundaries Use-value assessment Purchase of development rights or of agricultural conservation easements. (PDR/PACE) programs Agricultural districts
Growth management regulations Circuit breaker tax Term easements Capital gains reduction or bargain sales with PDR
State executive orders Transfer tax ROFR Installment payments with PDR
Mandatory real estate disclosure Land Leasing Point systems with PDR