Crisis Fatigue and Ag in the Middle

Crisis FatigueFor over a year we’ve been talking about creating a program that would help Ag in the Middle farms better cope with the special problems of farming on the urban fringe. What’s the rub?

This month, Sustaining Farming on the Urban Fringe – Crisis Fatigue and Ag in the Middle, discusses our program designed to move Ag in the Middle farms toward sustainability through detailed analysis and education. And, we touch on barriers to program implementation under current conditions of “doing more with less.” Companion handouts for actions that Ag in the Middle farms can take to improve survival are included in this post.

New Jersey’s Ag in the Middle farms represent one-third of all cropland, one-quarter of all farmland, one-quarter of all ag products sold, and one-fifth of all the value invested in ag equipment, buildings, and land. They are a linchpin for sustaining all farming that feeds urban populations. About 500 Ag in the Middle farms exist in NJ and more than 2,200 NJ small and beginning farmers aspire to become Ag in the Middle farmers. A program to strengthen Ag in the Middle farms would benefit all.

  • Actions Ag in the Middle farms can take to adapt to changing conditions on the urban fringe

Hope you find this briefing useful. Recommended additions to the content, corrections, and comments are always appreciated.

Jack Rabin, Dave Lee, and Rick Van Vranken

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