Sustainable Ag Marketing: Four Resources on Engaging Food Bloggers

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Engaging food bloggers to write about your products, services, farm and market, has become a cost effective and efficient marketing tool to create an online presence without having to become a blogger, or web master, yourself.

produce businessThink about those anonymous restaurant reviews in your local newspaper. How much more influential are they than even a paid ad talking about your operation. The only difference is that a blog’s readership likely reaches well beyond your locale, and with a very targeted and interested (i.e. engaged) audience, it can be very effective in influencing consumers, lots and lots of consumers. [Read more…]

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Farm Calls: A Grower Questions Why Hydroponics are Excluded from Organic Certification Labeling

This Farm Call comes from Rutgers SEBS Dean, Robert Goodman – yes, even Deans get calls from growers.
A New Jersey grower, who raises crops hydroponically, asks,

“Why can’t I get my greens and herbs labeled Certified Organic?
It seems there is a hang up with the issue.”

hydroponicsThe answer to his question reveals serious dysfunction in the governing bodies that dictate farming practices and how pop culture molds public opinion through fear.

  • Why would a farmer seek a Certified Organic label?
  • Flawed Definitions & Illogical Policy
  • Why Hydroponics Won’t be Deemed Certified Organic by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)
  • What can Growers Do?

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Seed Heat-Treatment:
A Management Strategy for Controlling Bacterial Diseases

Bacterial Canker on Tomato

Bacterial Canker on Tomato

Seed heat-treatment is one cultural practice that prevents infected seed from resulting in losses to bacterial disease in the field. [Read more…]

High Tunnel Cover Crop Evaluation


Photo courtesy University of Delaware

Four cover crops will be evaluated in High Tunnels at RAREC this Fall.
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