Understanding On-Farm Utility Costs and Billing

Farm EnergyFarm owners can often reduce the cost of energy after careful review of utility bills and making changes to improve energy efficiency. However, reading and understanding utility bills is often a frustrating and daunting task. Let’s discuss some basic guidelines to help decipher charges for electricity and natural gas. [Read more…]

Lowering On-­Farm Utility Costs with Electricity Monitors

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Why Use Electricity Monitors?

Monitoring energy usage is essential for managing energy costs and consumption on the farm. Utility bills provide one way to track total electricity use over time (see Understanding On-Farm Utility Costs & Billing). However, since electricity costs are dependent on timing of demand as well as quantity used, additional information – beyond total electricity use – is required to manage costs.

As tools to monitor electricity have become more versatile, available, and less expensive, their use on farms to identify short and long term trends and patterns is increasingly practical. [Read more…]

Assessing Farm Equipment Efficiency

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Electric motor costs account for a large part of a farm’s monthly energy bill. If motors are not properly matched to the intended load, energy and money is wasted. Motor efficiency deteriorates over time, which also adds to energy and profit losses. Whether equipment is well worn, purchased used, or new, learning how to assess equipment efficiency and energy use is worthwhile. Assessment is best done on an annual basis to make sure your operation’s costs remain as low as possible. [Read more…]

On-Farm Energy Savings – the Devil’s in the Details

This month in the Sustaining Farming on the Urban Fringe Briefing, we show you where to find answers on figuring out where your energy dollars are being spent and how to maximize efficient energy use – in a way that’s understandable for us mere mortals.

Energy WorkshopThe NJAES Ag Engineering team has produced three fact sheets and, in partnership with NRCS NJ USDA, will hold workshops stepping through the various processes this week. Don’t miss them.