Impermanence Syndrome of Urban Fringe Farming

Strong legislation supporting farming is only part of the solution to stemming the loss of agriculture from our state. Surrounding communities must support local farms and farm families both economically and socially.
What happens when these supports for farming weaken?

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Cover Crop Trials for Soil Health and Farm Profits

Four exciting cover crop field demonstrations are being conducted this season around New Jersey to improve Coastal Plain soil quality and increase long-term farm profits. Let us know if you would like to get involved and help with any of these projects, or just stay aware of their progress and results.

  • Using a roller-crimper on rye cover crop followed winter squash
  • Biomass accumulation of five Summer cover crops
  • Forage radish as Fall cover crop
  • Using a roller-crimper on processing tomatoes

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Communicating with Non-Farmer Neighbors

Farm-Neighbors-NJThis is New Jersey: the most densely populated and suburbanized state in the nation. When families leave cities to raise their children in suburban communities, they enjoy the nearby rural surroundings but are often unfamiliar with the day-to-day operations that are required to maintain the beautiful local farms. There are odors, noises and natural inhabitants (bugs!) that are associated with farming. [Read more…]

Backpack Sprayer Modification

Modified backpack sprayers have versatile features including: simple design, inexpensive price, professional nozzle technology accuracy, and easy, safe filling/cleaning. This makes them an efficient, ideal choice for small, organic, or urban farms; small jobs on larger farms; and for short season crops, spot problems, work around field impediments (fences, slopes), and work inside high tunnels and greenhouses. The video series steps through how to take advantage of modified backpack sprayer technology.

Video 1:
Don’t Overlook Backpack Sprayers

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