Using Un-composted Leaf Mulch on Trellised Lima Bean


Moisture retained under un-composted leaves.

This photo shows Rutgers’ Joe Heckman checking soil moisture retained under leaf mulch layer compared with adjacent cultivated bare ground at our lima bean field, after some recent scorching weather. [Read more…]

Wanted: Composted Manure
Linking Compost Producers with NJ Farm Needs


Aerated Bin Compost System

You may be one of New Jersey’s 7,200 horse owners without enough surrounding cropland to benefit from applying all your equine manure and stall wastes to your own land. [Read more…]

Aerated Bin Composting Demo Photo Gallery

Aerated Bin Composting demo

The concrete work in this installation illustrates desired floor construction method.

  • The floor forms leave the center open (with a ledge for 2” x 6” lumber floorboards). This uses far less concrete, which is costly.
  • It maintains the PVC pipe air plenum resting on stones so airflow is never blocked and out of the way for ease and avoiding damage when loading and unloading the bins, and drainage under the floor.

[Read more…]

Partial Budgets: Comparing Potential Profit Scenarios

As a grower, how do you decide whether or not to adopt a new cultural practice, new crop or variety, pest treatment, or equipment change? Do you do the math, or go with your gut?

Having a “feel” for what course of action to take is important, but in these uncertain financial times it makes sense to use a technique called Partial Budgeting. This tool allows you to compare marginal costs and marginal benefits of small, specific changes – without having to financially analyze the entire farm. The simplicity of partial budgeting facilitates decision making by estimating profitability of a given change. [Read more…]