Backpack Sprayer Technology Workshop

Date: Thursday, February 9, 2017 | 9AM to Noon
Location: 2017 NJ Agricultural Convention & Trade Show
Harrah’s Resort hotel Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ
Wildwood Rooms 4 & 5

Speakers: John Grande, Director – Snyder Research & Extension Farm, Rutgers NJAES
Bryan Fowler, Manager – TeeJet Technologies, Biglerville, PA. Spraying Systems Corporation Wheaton, IL
Ed Dager, Farm Supervisor – Snyder Research & Extension Farm, Rutgers NJAES
Curtis McKittrick, Research Technician ā€“ Snyder Research and Extension Farm, Rutgers NJAES

Don’t miss this training session featuring factors involved in applying pesticides to maximize performance while addressing practical day-to-day issues faced by pesticide applicators. Basic calibration will be covered along with nozzle design as it relates to pesticide performance. Environmental risk factors related to pesticide application including wind drift mitigation of spray droplets will be covered.

An overview of basic pesticide mode of action and how it relates to spray application parameters will be discussed. In a workshop environment small sprayers will be demonstrated incorporating various nozzle designs allowing participants better understand nozzle characteristics.

Pesticide sprayer maintenance procedures as part of an overall pesticide application program will be discussed as part of an on-farm overall pesticide application.

Re-certification Credits:
CCA Credits: IPM=3.0

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