Backpack Sprayer Modification

Modified backpack sprayers have versatile features including: simple design, inexpensive price, professional nozzle technology accuracy, and easy, safe filling/cleaning. This makes them an efficient, ideal choice for small, organic, or urban farms; small jobs on larger farms; and for short season crops, spot problems, work around field impediments (fences, slopes), and work inside high tunnels and greenhouses. The video series steps through how to take advantage of modified backpack sprayer technology.

Video 1:
Don’t Overlook Backpack Sprayers

Video 2:
Conversion Steps
Materials List
Video-3Video 3:
The Right Sprayer
Video-5Video 5:
Spray Nozzle Design

Choosing Nozzles
Video-6Video 6:
Gasoline Powered
Video7Video 7:
Accurate Measure

Supplies List
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