Agritourism in New Jersey


Ag census data shows our state ranks first nationally in the percentage of farm revenue earned from agritourism.

When you think about the agricultural challenges in NJ, such as market competition, rising land and input costs, encroachment from sprawl, and a complex regulatory environment, this statistic becomes less surprising. In order to stay in business, farmers operating small and mid sized farms have had to look for ways to add value to their products. Farm life, as fewer people are engaged in it, turns out to be a product. It is something people are drawn to, even as urban & suburban lifestyles pull them further and further away from a tangible relationship with land and food. [Read more…]

Farmer Agritourism Resources:
Selecting an Agritourism Venture

These NJAES fact sheets may help determine if you want to proceed down the path to agritourism:
Qualifying and Quantifying Your Personal Agritourism Potential
Is an Agritourism Venture Right for Your Farm?

If you’ve decided agritourism is worth exploring, consider what type of agritourism venture best fits your farm family lifestyle and current operation.

“Pick-Your-Own” Operation

pick-ur-ownMany producers are experiencing success using a pick-your-own business model. This type of operation combines the sale of an agricultural product with the experience of harvesting a crop. A successful pick-your-own operation provides a great family atmosphere while providing the opportunity for additional sales, reduced labor costs and return visits. Some common examples include: choose and cut Christmas trees, pumpkin picking, and U-pick flowers, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

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Farmer Agritourism Resources:
Risk Management Plan

As an owner operator of an agritourism enterprise you are legally responsible for the well-being of customers and employees. Create a risk management plan to minimize exposure to the main areas of risk and negligence including site safety risk, product risk, employee related risk, and financial risk. Risk management experts recommend avoiding certain activities, using liability waivers, purchasing insurance, practicing good management techniques, training employees, and paying attention to the legal structure of your business.

Risk Management Action Plan

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Farmer Agritourism Resources:
Evaluate Your Unique Assets

FarmWalkTo help determine the kind of agritourism venture that would fit well with you, your family, and your farmland, evaluate the features & unique assets of your farm. Consider the following:
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