Growing Better Organic Potatoes in NJ

Leaf Hilling

Hilling Shredded Leaf Mulch
Organic Potato Demonstration @ RAREC

Shredded leaf mulch application is a worthwhile cultural practice for potatoes grown under organic conditions, resulting in an increase in marketable grades. The beneficial results are seen not just because of higher yields, but because of the incidence of fewer culls (potatoes with undesirable size and shape).

For organic production on NJ’s Coastal Plain soils, our studies show significant increase in marketable yields over bare ground and black plastic production; surprisingly, shredded leaf mulch application yields approached those of our conventional bare ground plots.

This report on field demonstrations conducted by potato expert Dr. Mel Henninger and Agricultural Agent David Lee, documents varieties studied and growing practices used with the aim of assisting Coastal Plains growers who wish to capitalize on the niche of local market, organic labeled potatoes.
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