Vineyard Site Assessment Checklist

New-Jersey-WineriesWhat factors affect site selection for successful wine grape growing in New Jersey? When considering a land parcel, gather the information listed here to begin to make an informed decision.

Increase site selection success by investing your time before your money.

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Leasing Farmland in New Jersey

Leasing Farmland in NJTo help address economic barriers to accessing land for farming in NJ, The State Ag Development Committee is holding three June information meetings on NJ farmland leasing to hear your feedback.

NJ has among the highest average cropland prices per acre in the nation–$13,000 and up–way up–and more than half of all NJ farmland is owned by non-farming investors. In fact, about 80% of the value of an acre of NJ cropland is ‘speculative,’ and only 20% is agricultural value, even when purchased and operated by existing commercial farms. We know this speculative value is true because pasture land values in NJ are the same as tillable land, while in other regions pasture land values are 1/3 to 1/2 the price of cash cropland.
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A Review of Cultural Weed Control Practices

In this month’s Penn State Extension – The Vegetable & Small Fruit Gazette,
Mike Orzolek reviews methods & practices for weed control.

Effective weed control in vegetable production involves more than the use of herbicides. An effective weed management program includes the use of both cultural and chemical practices. There are several cultural practices that help to suppress both annual and perennial weeds including: liming, band application of fertilizer, moldboard plowing, cultivation(s), crop rotations, and use of black or colored polyethylene mulch.

Also see: Weed Control Strategy Differences in Alternative/Organic vs Conventional Farming by Brad Majek and Jack Rabin.
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Organic Farm Calls: White Rot on Garlic, Leek, & Onion

This week a central Jersey grower of organic produce calls to report problems in a field of overwinter garlic.

white rot on garlic

What might be the cause of this problem?

The grower reports there is no history of previous allium crop production in the field. Two different varieties are being grown. On inspection, one variety shows yellow, stunted and wilting plants in small patches in the field; the other variety is vigorous and symptom free.

What might be the cause of this problem? What steps do you take to find the definitive answer? What can our organic grower do to avoid further crop loss?
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