NEWA Pest Forecasting Further Refines Grower Intuition

njnewaImplementing new technology, the results of  applied research, is one reason American agriculture has been so successful. Innovation is an important component of sustaining farming on our urban fringe.

This month in the Sustaining Farming on the Urban Fringe Briefing, we check out how an innovation, newly available in NJ, helps growers save money and lessen environmental impact.
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On-Farm Energy Savings – the Devil’s in the Details

This month in the Sustaining Farming on the Urban Fringe Briefing, we show you where to find answers on figuring out where your energy dollars are being spent and how to maximize efficient energy use – in a way that’s understandable for us mere mortals.

Energy WorkshopThe NJAES Ag Engineering team has produced three fact sheets and, in partnership with NRCS NJ USDA, will hold workshops stepping through the various processes this week. Don’t miss them.

Farm Calls: A Grower Questions Why Hydroponics are Excluded from Organic Certification Labeling

This Farm Call comes from Rutgers SEBS Dean, Robert Goodman – yes, even Deans get calls from growers.
A New Jersey grower, who raises crops hydroponically, asks,

“Why can’t I get my greens and herbs labeled Certified Organic?
It seems there is a hang up with the issue.”

hydroponicsThe answer to his question reveals serious dysfunction in the governing bodies that dictate farming practices and how pop culture molds public opinion through fear.

  • Why would a farmer seek a Certified Organic label?
  • Flawed Definitions & Illogical Policy
  • Why Hydroponics Won’t be Deemed Certified Organic by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)
  • What can Growers Do?

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Farm Calls: What You Can Do to Stop Illegal Nursery Stock Hucksters

Joel Flagler, Bergen County Ag Agent counted 11 back-of–the-truck hawkers on his way to work this past holiday season. Overnight “nurseries” spring up just before major holidays, selling trees, plants, and plant products.

Buy LocalThese are venders who don’t have their products inspected for diseases and pests like Jersey Nursery Growers must in accordance with New Jersey’s Nursery Law. They undercut local growers, evade New Jersey taxes, spend their proceeds elsewhere, and risk importing insect or diseased infested plant materials into our state. It’s a worsening problem.

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